The Knight Experience

About Me and How I got started


Greetings! I'm Michael "Knight".. D.J. Host and M.C.


  I started out as a part-time mobile disc jockey (DJ) "roadie" in 1992, in Denver, Colorado.

I learned the trade by setting up and tearing down systems at 'Sweetness & Company'. 

I learned a few tricks of the trade from a friend, DJ Jon Brilliant.

I started working with computers at that time, as Vinyl was being phased out.

I started  mixing with digital software and CD's before they too were soon put aside.

  I worked my way up the ladder for a company, the "Ultimate Music Service" in 1998.

I learned from none other than DJ Dave, owner of "Ulimate Music Service", how to work the mechanics of the DJ electronics. I soon found myself becoming famiiliar in operating

the equipment and started to M.C. the 'ski resorts' under ground scene. 


  As time progressed I caught on to the "in's and out's" of what it takes to be a good

DJ/MC, and the kind of sound and equipment it takes to use for all types of events. 

In (year) 2001 I relocated to Arizona and worked hosting for a karaoke business.


 At that time, I drove my Knight Rider replica KITT car (which I'm also well known for). While my first name is Michael, everyone starting calling me "Michael Knight"

(in reference to the 80's hit TV series character). So it became my stage name.


 Since then I endeavor to improve in the world of music. I invested in becoming a business owner in the world of professional audio, video and Karaoke. Music has been a part of my life since the early 80's. With many many years I have the knowledge, practiced skills and professional equipment.

And now I spend my time building up my own business, also known as...

                                       AZ Ultimate Music Service

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